Thursday, November 7, 2013

About 12 Hours from the Eye of the Storm

Super Typhoon HAIYAN (YOLANDA), "is considered as the most powerful tropical cyclone ever to develop since Super Typhoon Tip of October 1979," states and Frei Ministries is projected to be at the center of the storm in about 12 hours. Winds have been projected at 305 km/hr which is about 208mph.

James and Ashley have been preparing for the last 5 days for this storm. Their home is ready for the storm. They have moved and planned to stay upstairs in order to be safe from any potential flooding. Please continue to pray for them and the people of the Philippines.

When I last spoke to Ashley via Viber, she said the eye of the storm was about 12 hours away. The winds have begun to pick up. About an hour ago, Ashley posted on facebook, "We are turning phones off to preserve battery. Pray like never before."

"We know that all things work together for good to those who love God . . ." — Romans 8:28

I was reminded by Oswald Chambers, "All your circumstances are in the hand of God, and therefore you don’t ever have to think they are unnatural or unique. Your part in intercessory prayer is not to agonize over how to intercede, but to use the everyday circumstances and people God puts around you by His providence to bring them before His throne, and to allow the Spirit in you the opportunity to intercede for them. In this way God is going to touch the whole world with His saints."

Look for updates here, as we get them. Blessings.

Posted by: Jeremy Hellums, Ashley's brother in law.

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