Saturday, November 9, 2013

A conversation from Malay to Texas

The following conversation is between Ashley and her mother Ruth after the storm passed. Ruth's questions or comments will be indicated in italics and abreviated R.

Ruth: How are you doing?

Ashley: hey. we are doing well here. we made lots of hospital runs today for people but all in all is good. we got the mosquito nets up and its burning up today here. we are praying for an evening breeze. please tag kim holden on facebook in a comment saying they are ok. she cannot get her. 

R: Can you send any pictures? We are seeing the many casualties on other islands. 

A: i will try you again in the middle of my night. that's when it worked last night for me. i love you. i believe that too. i have lots of pics but no way to send them yet. God's hand was truly here. tonight we fed 40 people in our neighborhood to say thank you for helping us and others. we prayed with them and really got to know them. God is so good. I'm sad for all the lost homes but the people here are so resiliant. please let people know to send money to you so we can afford to buy the food to feed them. that is the biggest need. food and clothes and money for water.

R: What were you able to do today or see?

A: today we drove a lot to take people to and from the hospital. so much destruction yet they are happy to be alive. no one here is stuck to material things. i've not seen one tear yet. only mine. we are hearing of the damage only 10 miles away and we are shocked. it's like we were in a safe pocket and we know it was in Gods hand.

R: How's Lydia?

A: i honestly think it was broken last night but i prayed a deep deep healing over her and it was like an electric bolt went through me then i felt like passing out and today its only a bruise and she is fine. I give God all the glory for healing her

R: What about the villages where Sister Anna went to feed?

A: destroyed but so excited for food and fellowship. i joined her at one.
its' amazing mom. the way they pull together. they are so priveleged to grow up this way, put there are some who are so sick and poor. we live a the rich part so we have seen the way thye act and live, but the ati are totally different

R: Did the river rise beside you?

A: no, not at all. the rain was not too bad. no flookding here anywhere

R: Are you aware if how bad it is in other areas?

A: yes i am. all around they said we are protected here because of God
we were able to give a family a ride home from the hospital and i felt the lord say give her all your change, so i did and she cried and said they had no money today. we prayed with them, they are not believers but are now they want to start a bible study and feeding next week I know we are to bring what we are learning back home and man God is growing us so quickly. so many great spiritual lessons. 30 min away but i say its worth the drive. peole are hungry for the Lord and dont even know it until they experience his love and then they can't get enough.

I gave a little catholic girl my bible and i told her to start in john. she sat on my porch and read. yesterday her house was destroyed but she said she kept the bible safe. she is 11 and has never read one word out of a bible

R: Where are the homeless?

A: yes, everyone is just another day here. clearing stuff and rebuilding but happy to be alive

yes, we believe in the work we are doing here. God will send the money when he is ready

R: Debons family?

A: with family

R: Dad's friend June?

A: yes, all day but he was stuck inside yestereday. he always waves and smiles at us. we take them food and money sometimes

R: More about Debobn family?

A: no, but his house was destroyed but his grandparents are ok
his family will not return his mom remarried and left him here to be raised by his gma

R: Who is at your house tonight?

A: no one tonight, just us. the filipinos are so used to sleeping outdoors that they just pop up a hammock and go to sleep

R: How's Mercys family?

A: her husband was in boracay and her house is destroyed too but she has cement house now so she was ready for the hit

It's very different here but we are learing to live within what we have. the heat at night is hard right now but its only a few more nights

R: She washed three loads of towels, sheets all by hand- I told her I wouldn't know how.

A: you just do, i dont know either but we made it through today and tomorrow we wake up and go to church and see what the day holds. we will go to pastor leo tomorrow

I am so thankful for God's hand
oh wow. God was really all over here. please please please htank everyone for praying he needs all the glory. no casualties within ten towns of us
i can't believe we went through the eye of a storm like that and not only lived but have only water to clean up. wow Praise God praise God!

R: Ten towns?

A: yes. all around here are alive? just no homes

R: And now they have a chance to still hear God's word.

A: sure do and we are even more bold now because of God sparing so much it's a great convo starter and so many people need help that they have no choice but to be prayed over most of our pastors lost their churches but no deaths at all recorded around here yet. we may learn differnet later but for now it's fine. tonight we fed chicken and rice today at feedings was pancit. we have to cook everything in our firdge and freezer by tomorrow - it's all thawing out

R: Martha said she hoped you sang and used the voice God have you to comfort her family storm.

A: i was singing the son JESUS, Jesus, Jesus there just something abou that name its crazy mom. just the way we are having ot live with no power. candles and flashlights goodnight. i love you.

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